It's Time to Start Your Adventures

Tell us what you have in mind, what image and style you wish to have, what purpose and goal you have in mind,… 
then let us start working on your image!

We work for both professionals, businesses, as well as for students. We understand your budget. We will find a team based on your budget. A project consists of five team members: Project manager, Fashion stylist, Make-up artist, Hair stylist, and a Photographer.  

Depending on your budget we can find and manage a team. Each photographer, fashion stylist, or make-up artist has a different fee. 

For students not only we give special discount, we can try to find a volunteer fashion stylist, a makeup artist, a hair stylist, and a photographer based on work for credit. This way, you save a lot.   

This is how it works:

(1) Tell us about your goal

We will arrange a time to meet with you and to talk about your goal, purpose of your project and your wish lists.

(2) Lets assign a team

We will have a meeting with our fashion stylists, photographer, make-up artist, and the team project manger.

(3) Lets start the shoot!

We will arrange a time and location that would be the best with your project and goal. You just need to be there! the rest is with us!

(4) Let us share with you the final Product

We will work on your image with our assign team members to select the best top images, then we will invite you to visit and see the final product, and to select your own pictures.
We guarantee your satisfaction.