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since 2005

StudentFashion started its activities in 2005 by the University students and volunteers.  We have a long history of helping students by students. At the University, where we started our activities at the  studentfashion club, our students’ goal was to help other students who wished to participate in different area of art, fashion, photography, modeling, event planning, entertainment, and management. After years of experiences, we have learned how to create some ideal images and improving style and to bring confidences to many. We have a long history in fashion, style, photography , event, team-work, management, and planning.    



We have done many projects in Provence of Ontario (Toronto & Ottawa), and in Provence of Quebec (Montreal), organizing many fashion shows, social events, fashion photography, and creating some social and photography clubs at some major Universities. 


We have worked with many known Canadian fashion designers, photographers, make-up artists, modeling agencies, fashion schools, and fashion magazines. 

Video by Tim Savage 

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